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I think about this today, how can I create a new "hardsurface" alpha for substance painter ? Like the default hardsurface alpha's ?

Not just a simple alpha but a alpha normal ?

I think I need to use Designer for this but do you have any tuto or doc for this ? :s


Hey, it could actually be just alphas as your painting work will be ultimately be converted into normal when you export the textures.

In SD, you can just create the greyscale shape you want with a simple output, and publish it, then import it as alpha in SP

You could any greyscale image as alpha (make sure they are squared ;)


Thanks for your answer, but what I mean is, how create/convert hard surface alpha in SP for apply on it when you paint the "MatFx Detail Edges Wears" ?

Because If paint with "normal" (white) alpha with height information, I can't use the MatFx on it :s


You can use the new anchor point feature in SP 2017.2

You can use the new anchor point feature in SP 2017.2

What has to do this with the question of the op? :p

Did someone found a decent method to create hard surfaces or convert alphas to em?

@pentouf22, you mean how to make a custom normal map brush stamp?

If so, it's pretty easy using Painter or your normal baker of choice (hopefully with good cage baking tools  ;)).

See images I made below. 

-Basically make a square plane as your basemesh in your 3d app.  Center it world space.  Give it some thickness and add planar uv.  Make sure the "top" plane covers the whole uv space.

-Prepare your hipoly detail mesh.  Either model it in on another flat plane  with thickness or like in the last image, which uses a head mesh, center it in world space.  Make sure to give the hipoly enough subdivision you need to bake.  Export low and high in separate fbx files.  You only need to planar uv the low.

-Bake the normal map (see images below).  Add in or import resulting output map in your shelf.  Results will vary depending on your meshes and baking tools. Test bake as needed until you get results you want.  Good luck!

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Thanks henrik_1 !

MY question was "more" about an alpha to normal but I found away with designer, thanks !

Sorry for the reply time.