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So after watching Allegorithmic videos on texturing the sci-fi crate, I applied material IDs on faces of a mesh and started texturing. This is the results though :

Results :

Wireframe :

Exported SP Baked ID Map :

Exported Col map from SP :

I was hoping that the infinite edge padding would fix it after exporting, but it is still there. Is there a solution to fixing this or is the only way to go in and paint it out?

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Hey yowkenjie,

how do you create the ID map?
The problem you have right now is that your ID map is blurred a bit and the colours are not matching at those seams any more. If you handpaint the ID map make sure the brush setting is 100% hard so you have no blur in it.

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Hi Fabian,

I created it using Maya by selecting the faces and assigning different lambert shaders.

Then I baked the ID map with SP baker, using the options - Color Source: Material color & Color Generator: Hue shift.

Also attached is the ID Map from SP.

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Your ID map is anti-aliased. That means that a few pixels are in between the 2 ID colors. You should be able to get rid of it by adjusting the hardness and tolerance settings on the Color Selection properties when creating the mask.

Hey yowkenjie,

you need to turn off the Anti-Aliasing during the baking process for ID maps. I have attached an image for you showing where to find this setting.
I hope this helps :)

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That totally fixed the problem! Thanks for the replies!

It would be nice if Painter would overwrite the common AA settings for the ID map then or least let the user know about this pitfall.

I've come from the future to say that you guys are still amazing. Thank you Jeremie Noguer and Fabian F. You've helped me fix my problem in 2021 xD.