Author Topic: Are Substance Live editable?  (Read 699 times)

Hi, I'm considering buying SBD and subscribing to SBS Live as well. Are substances downloaded editable or is just a node block that expose only few parameters and you can't actually see the underlying node network?

Hey Alessandro,

there are two kinds of Substance files:
SBS files are the core files of Substance Designer, just like a PSD from Photoshop: It contains all the information about the nodes and settings. A SBS lets you edit the Substances graph, not just the sliders.

SBSAR files can be seen as compiled version of a SBS, just like a PNG or JPEG. Compressed and optimised for real time applications. The Graph cannot be seen and altered.

Substance Share assets ( will provide the SBS file most of the time, so you can take a look at the Graph and learn from it.

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Fabian thanks a lot for the fast and detailed response. Going to get into Allegorithmic stuff very soon!