Author Topic: not Filter, a lookUp folder  (Read 1287 times)


when working in filters, I feel like lacking some kind of Image browser thing not just filtering thing.

you know what, filters try to filter the whole available resources, everything in the paths ( like images look up folders, packages ..etc.) and load them into memory and , then you filter it.

with this filter thing I need o.k, images.. then It loads them, the whole images, into the library view, and even not categorized ...
just thousands of images ( 150 GB textures and photos, and most of them with different names, tags .. completely messy but in distinctive folders   ) in library, and this is an inappropriate approach.

I need a simple shortcut, like folder look-up or shortcut to see just what is inside ,categorized in folders, like image browser, no filtering no nothing. just show me what is inside so I can pick what I want and drag in into my package.

not sure if it is there or not..

thank you in advance