Author Topic: Procedural substance support  (Read 2236 times)

Hi folks, I just had little time to try my SBD trial before it ran out but if I'm not mistaken, the substance used in C4D are just baked on the fly and not really procedural. Is there anything that the new version of the plugin will address in that direction?
I'm really looking forward to buying both SBD and SBP and I can't wait to use fully procedural substances in Cinema!
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They are procedural for me in r16 and r17.  I have procedural dirt and wear effects in my sbsars that work fine in C4D.  Randomise seed work fine also.

If you select the C4D material created from the sbsar, you do not make changes on it.  My view is that this C4D Material is just a host for the sbsar to operate. 

You use the Substance Manager to select your sbsar (after generating the C4D Material from it) and then the full Substance inspector displays in the Attribute Manager in C4D with any exposed/procedural settings.  Sorry if you knew this already, just thought it worth a mention.