Author Topic: Environment Reflection map (like UDK)  (Read 2923 times)

I'm a UDK user, and i looking for make Substance shader with controlled environment reflection map like in UDK.
But i dont know how to create a reflection map with spherical or cubic map can move from world space.
Can you help me please?

Attach: screen from UDK

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Someone could help me please?


Nobody knows ?  :-[
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If SD cant manage Environment map, its just useless to me...
I'm really disappointed not to have support for a basic feature, especially for  99$ (590$)
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Substance Designer is not a shader editor, it is a texture editor : it's meant to build textures (diffuse, specular, normal...) that will feed a shader.

Substance Designer does provide some shaders to preview your textures, some of the shaders (relief, blinn, physically_based) have an environment reflection in order to preview the specular reflection correctly.

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