Author Topic: Since I can't reply to these...  (Read 1142 times)

"Hi pawnswizard,

Your asset "Labyrinth_Ceiling" has been rejected on Substance Share.


I see you have submit two materials for the Sci-Fi category. You can enter in as many categories as you feel like but you are limited to only one entry per category.

So i invite you to check your subimissions (Time Machine and Labyrinth_Ceiling) and request a delete for the material you don't want to keep.

you have until Thursday November 12th at 11:59PM PST to clean that.

Good luck to you and thank you!"

* It wasn't for the contest. It was for the web page's main (not the contest) sci fi category and has bitmaps in it, as explained in the material description.
3D art is magic.

Alright, I'll take a look at this.

Thank you Jeremie ^ ^
3D art is magic.