Author Topic: Substance Designer crashes when I disconnect a node in function graph!?!  (Read 1963 times)

This took me hours to track down, check this weirdness out!

Ok I made a function to give me the distance between 2 points (float2) it works brilliantly I am using it all over the place and have used it in past Substances with no problems.

You can see my distance function in the first image. (I had to Attach the images cuz the Insert Image button on your form "all the buttons" don't work in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge web browser.)

Second image is my distance node/function being used in a graph (it works great). But try and remove it from your graph in anyway, delete, disconnect, or cut it out and Substance Designer stops updating and then shortly after becomes totally unresponsive and eventually crashes...

But wait it gets weirder if you save after removing this node in hopes SD will work ok after you restart it... It still becomes unresponsive shortly after reopening the file and eventually crashes...

If I quickly navigate back to the graph in question and add my distance node back into the graph and reconnect it, then save before SD crashes, the next time I reopen the file everything is ok again... SD works and my substance works normally except that I cant remove, disconnect, or substitute that node or the crashing and corruption starts all over aging!

This has been an extremely frustrating bug to track down because as I have previously reported SD 5.3.3 doesn't actually completely close when you exist the application its still running in the back ground and you have to use the Task Manager to stop it so that you can reopen SD... yah I latterly had to do that hundreds of times as I walked threw the problem trying to figure out what the hell was going wrong.

Sorry about dumping 3 problems on you all at once, but this doesn't look like something I can fix.

I am going to try rebuilding the graph from scratch excluding my killer node but that will take some time its a fairly large/complex substance so this is going to take a long time to try and remove it that way lol.

Thanks for looking into.


Would it be possible to export that substance with dependencies, and share it with us (either post it here or by private message), so that we can investigate further ? Otherwise it is probably going to be impossible to reproduce that particular bug on our end.

Regarding the fact that the SD process does not close, are you running SD from Steam, or is it a standalone SD installation ? Also, where was located the sbs file you were working on (in Desktop, in Documents, in Temp, on an external drive, on a network drive, etc.) ? 


Sure thing I will zip up my sandbox and send it to you.

I really love Substance Designer, and I am glad to help out in any way that I can.

My project files are located on the C drive witch is a 512 SSD in My Documents / Dropbox folder that I use to keep project files synchronized between computers.

Thanks for your all your help.



Edit: I am using the Substance Live program from your web site, so I be leave that's a standalone .exe
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I don't know if this is related, but it might help.

I have been rebuilding this substance from scratch and trying to avoid the file corruption and crashing that I was getting with the last version. When I discovered the file crashing ad corruption seams to be linked to a complexity level and not so much what I thought was a killer node. This totally new project started doing the same thing and it doesn't even have my distance node in!

I also discovered that I can use Dropbox to restore a previous version of the project a few mints before the corruption occurred and often keep on working past the point where Substance designer crashed last time.

I am not sure what's cosign it this time it was adding a multiplication node, but if I roll the file back in time to just before the crash I can often keep on working adding the multiplication node back in wont crash Substance Designer the second time around...

The crashing and subsequent file corruption seams to be more related to the length of time I have been working with nested nodes then it dus with any 1 specific node.

I literally have been using SD non stop all night every night for months. This crash seams to happen more when I am working with FX-Maps nested in other graphs and always happens when I am editing functions.

Hope that observation helps.

Thanks for looking in to this, I love SD and it makes me happy to know you all are working hard to make it better!