Author Topic: Show Debug Info (Values) When Creating Functions  (Read 3409 times)

What would be really useful is an option to show the current value(s) for nodes when working with functions.

The info panel is currently empty when you do select a node in the function graph. Would it be too hard to show the current value of the selected node, or at least the value of the output node?

Congratulations on an otherwise great product!  :)


I thought of starting a new Topic regarding this, but the search showed me that this was already requested once.

At the moment I am working with an FX Map with additional functions (Offset/Rotation). The lack of a Debug-Node or Debug output in the already existing Console/Information Windows is seriously annoying.

As an example: I tried to create a pattern inside FX-Map where each instanced input Image should rotate towards the center. Taking the Offset of each iteration, using arc tan (which should be self explanatory) and then all you get is an image where until iteration 7 every image rotates correctly but the 8th iteration doesn't. Debugging? not a chance. Arc Tan description: "function returns the arc tangent value of the two floating value vector entry: arcTan2(xa,ya)". So is the Value meant in degrees, radian, turns, 0-1, 0-360, what is it?
Actually the only way is to completely recreate the arcTan2 function and then compare the (image) results.
With debug informations it would be easy to find it out myself but with just the displayed image it becomes an almost impossible task.

This was just one example. I actually do wonder that people don't complain more about the lack of debug information in functions.

A Debug Node could simply consist of a text input, where we can describe the output Value (which node is it coming from, etc.).
The output in the console could be like this: DebugNode=**id**(Message: "blablabla" Typ: "Float2" Value: "X: 1/Y: 1")
or even simpler if possible.
In FX maps it could show the values of the last iteration at least. Or with the possibility to filter out certain iterations.

I'll also add this to the uservoice.

Regards Michael
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Would be nice!