Author Topic: Height map waves in flat surfaces.  (Read 1629 times)

I first discovered this issue in Unity, but didn't get around to figuring out how to fix it until Iray made it painfully obvious.

The Normal-to-Height works great for natural surfaces, but it leaves warps in a hard flat surface design. I've begun making my own height maps with flat grayscale values and the results are beautiful. But it's time-consuming.

I was hoping there was some nodes or method I've missed, to get a really clean height map for flat surfaces (I've been using masks and playing with grayscale values to build my own height maps). Messing with the frequencies on a Normal-to-Height doesn't help.

I've posted some screenshots. The first is the standard normal-to-height which causes wonky ripples in the pattern, and the second is one I put together for the same design to create clean flat heights. (There is some sleight grayscale variation because I masked off some pieces so they wouldn't bleed off into each other and cause ripples.)

The results I get with flat grayscale values for a hard-surface pattern are night and day difference, especially in Iray. It looks amazing. I'd love a way to do this faster.
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