Author Topic: Substance Designer substance not linked to imported OBJ  (Read 699 times)

Hello all, I'm very new to Substance Designer and currently using the trial version. I just figured out how to import an obj into SD after much searching. Now when I open the obj it appears to have no connection to the substance. I.e., nothing I connect to the diffuse, normal or spec outputs has any effect on the model. I exported the obj from Maya and checked the UVs already. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey Johnathanscoon,

can you explain your problem a bit more detailed, please? What do you try to achieve?
From your explanation so far I think you link the 3D mesh to Substance Designer and now expect the model changes when you open it in a 3D application?
That's not the case. If you want to apply a substance of textures to the 3D mesh you need to export the substance or the textures.

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