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I have a strange problem that i cant find a solution on the net.

When i am baking maps in some cases painter cant find the high poly URL on my comp.

I have a model that is separated into many subtools in zbrush, i exported them all with fbx exporter.

It seems that painter randomly cant find this high poly meshes when baking, because on my other computer this issue appears on other subtools from the same model.. i tried exporting with the same polygroups but that does not help, it is very random.

Seems that no one knows how to resolve this problem...

Anyways i found a workaround.. bake the normal map in xnormal and create all the other maps in SP..

But its stupid that i need to rely on another program for a simple baking process.

Can you try to bake in Substance Painter and then export the log file and attach it here (in this order) ?
See :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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how do i attach the log file?

i can copy paste the entire log text but it is very long, is that what you ment?

Hey bellusdeus,

While authoring a new post you can add attachments of any kind to your post. "Attachments and other options" is shown right below the text input field, click on that to add attachments.

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i attached the log

and no one cared...