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alright I was hoping somone could help me or point me in the right direction, first of all do I also need Substance Designer to import textures correctly or just painter, and it seems when I import the textures using the work flow it dose not look as good as it dose in substance painter. I have two screen shots here I'm not to sure what im doing wrong here. The first one is from Is the Low rez and the second one is the Hi res screen shot.

You don't need Designer, but you need to check out multiple things :
- You can't compare without the same lighting, otherwise you are biasing the results
- You need to be sure that Roughness/Metallic maps are not set to sRGB (uncheck this parameter in the texture properties in UE4).
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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thanks for the reply, i have unchecked that option didin't do much to help what was going on i did a test scrolling into one brown scale checking the detail from substance to unreal and it seemed to me that for some reason the normal looks more blurry, I have not tried to match up the lighting exactly yet I can try to see if i can mimic it Maybe it has to do with that samples in the lights like how much they pick up the gloss and every little nook and cranny. Thanks again for the reply and ill give it a shot If anyone might have another suggestion please feel free to reply :) thank you!

Try this Tip will help you get a unreal Engine 4 HDR Images (lights)  to painter so you get can better representation of whats look like in UE4 and vise versa