Author Topic: semi transparent image blend issue  (Read 1876 times)

If the image is semi transparent and placed in a copy blend node as a foreground darkens actually a little bit every time.

Here's an example screenshot for better understanding. The original image I put together really quickly.I just set the layer to 80% opacity inside photoshop and saved it out as a png.

All of the blend nodes are set to "copy" and those are color inputs below

In my substance I have six or seven nodes in a chain which means the "top most" image comes out on the other end almost completely black and basically unrecognizable if it's not 100% opaque on import.

If the image is plugged into background input, everything is fine

Hi Vice,
Sorry for the late reply.
This a known issue related to pre-multiplied alpha, we have logged this as a defect and hope to fix it soon.

"Hinhin!" :-D

Good to know