Author Topic: Problem with the quality Normal Map  (Read 1032 times)

Substance Designer 5.3.2

Res - 2048x2048

This part should be smoothed
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are the Inputs also 2048x2048?

I never had any normal map problems yet.. Only if one of the inputs scaled down (due to "relative to parent" - the Parent Node which I scaled down).
Also if the Value difference is small (in the input grayscale data) and you use a blur node, it's possible that the bit depth of 8 bit comes into play.. Then you'd need to exaggerate the values (levels node) before you smooth it, then generate the normal map and lessen the intensity. Or change the normal map / the Blur node to 16bit depth (Output Format 16bpc).

Just a guess, but might help

Regards Michael
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