Author Topic: scale up an image with a grayscale map?  (Read 2047 times)


Maybe the dumbest question, but I'm not able to find a simple way to scale up an image basing the intensity on a grayscale map.
Something like the warp effect but with scale.
Any idea?

Alternatively, I'd like to apply a per-tile scale to the tiles of "tile generator", maybe using some formula that take in account the index number of the tiles (E.g. scale up to 150% tiles with index number within the 0-55 range)
Should I use FX-Maps to do that?


The first question is not really clear..

For the second, use the tile_sampler node, plug the "scale" image in the "scale map" input, then adjust the "scale map multiplier" parameter.
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Thanks Nicolas,

Given we're already speaking about it, I'd take the chance to ask a question about the Tile Sampler and Tile Generator nodes.

I'd like to use the Max(lighten) blending for tiles, in order to obtain something like this:

But this blending type is only allowed on the "blend node", as far as I can understand.

In fact if I set the blending mode to "MAX" in a "Tile generator color", I get instead something like this:


Is there a way to use the Max(lighten) blending for the tiles of a tile generator (or tile sample)?

Thanks again!
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The "Max" blending mode in the color version of tile generator actually does an Alpha blending. That's an old UI mistake we can't change at the risk of breaking users' assets.

So unfortunately, the only way to make a proper Max blending mode is to
- break the RGB channel into 3 grayscale images (R, G, and B)
- use 3 tile generators (grayscale) with the Max blend mode
- recombine the 3 channel into RGB using the RGBA merge node
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Hum Nicolas, can't you guys just make an updater? Something like, all that uses either alphablend or max on an old asset, uses alphablend on the new version, and correct the max feature? I was also thinking like andr, I was also wondering if there could be more blending options, perhaps even a way to write our custom one

We try to avoid making updaters (it breaks retro compatibility), but you're right it should have been fixed..

and correct the max feature?

We can't "correct" the max blend mode, it's a limitation of the substance rendering engine.

I was also wondering if there could be more blending options, perhaps even a way to write our custom one

No this is not possible. The blend modes are directly coded and optimized within the Substance Engine and are bound to directX/OpenGL capabilities.
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