Author Topic: Global scale for particle settings  (Read 1322 times)

Right now if I spend the time to create a custom particle brush it can't easily adapt to models of varying sizes.  I'm forced to go to each parameter that has some type of relationship to size and refine all these settings for larger or smaller models.  It would be extremely useful for there to be a global scale param which exists along side the DT settings to apply a scale factor to any parameters which are sensitive to the scale/space of the model.

Example: I create a custom brush to paint on the backside of a eye model.  The particles flow around the model to the front side and creating veins.  Now the modeler gives me the eyeball of a giant that's 5x the size of my previous eye.  I attempt to use my custom particle brush, but the particles don't make it around to the front of the eye due to the scale difference.  If I could set a global scale for the particles to 5.0 then the brush would work as expected.