Author Topic: Endless list of errors when publishing substance  (Read 2039 times)


I really love Substance Designer. But everytime i try to bake my project i get an error list that's huge (doesn't even fit the screen).
I work on Substance Designer 4 for MAC.

Please see the attached screenshot.

It's a fresh installation and i didn't do anything specific. I imported a couple of textures i wanna use (imported, not linked).

Is there a bug, or can somebody help me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you!

Check the image sizes of the nodes within your graph, my bet is that you are outputting one size, say 1024, and you have a 4096 image in there. I'm not 100% certain, but I think we uniformity of image size within the graph.

Hi! Thanks for your reply!
Looks like it worked! Awesome!

I set all the images in my graphs to "relative to parent x1".
I then set the size of the graphs to "relative to parent x1" as well.
Maybe it's worth mentioning that i created a couple of graphs with textures to use a bigger graph (where I'm texturing my model)

So... if i wanna use my material in Unity, it's always best to go with "relative to parent" and set the resolution i need (in my case 4Kx4K) in Unity?

We recommend to always work in Absolute during the authoring process, and just switch to relative to parent x 1 before publishing.
Then you should indeed change the resolution in Unity directly.
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I noticed that Unity only supports resolutions up to 2048x2048. This is bad since i need them in 4k.

I guess there's no workaround for this besides baking out textures, is there?

The Substance Engine in Unity is the CPU (SSE2) engine, and resolutions can go only to 2k with this engine. So Yes, you need to bake them in 4K in SD.
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Alright! Thank you for your help!
It's a great tool!