Author Topic: sRGB or linear? Map by map in Marmoset  (Read 8601 times)

Im trying to match exactly my Painter scene in Marmoset, i have exported these maps from Painter:


Im not sure if my settings are ok for every one in Marmoset, i was told to invert my roughness and put it in the gloss slot with sRGB OFF, next metalness with reflection set to GGX and sRGB OFF, albedo sRGB on, normal with Y flipped and sRGB OFF and finally oclussion in oclussion and cavity slots with sRGB OFF.

Are these settings OK?  and the second question is, what do i have to put in horizon smoothness and Horizon Oclussion?

Yes, these are the right settings. You don't really have to worry about the horizon smoothness and Horizon Occlusion as their effect is pretty subtle. You can manually adjust the slider to what looks best to you.