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Just polishing up my workflow between the two but have run into one issue that I hope someone can help me with. How to cast shadows in Toolbag inside of objects. Right now, the light just shines through the geometry. Any ideas?

Hey jdouglas,

as far as I know it is not possible in Toolbag, unfortunately.
You could try to minimise this effect by using screen spaced ambient occlusion.

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Thanks for the response. Any idea where to find that inTB? The only option I'm finding is to simply enable AO.

simply enable AO = screen space ambient occlusion

I think, you can also add shadows by i.e. adding a directional light (scene > new light, select light and switch it from omni to directional, check "cast shadows"

I did a quick test scene, and it is working for me, but maybe I didn´t understand your problem correctly

if you want to remove the lighting effect from the hdri, simply dim it or hide it
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