Author Topic: Is there a way to export Materials to toolbag or the local drive  (Read 4458 times)

Kia ora

I been trying to make some turntable scenes in Toolbag.

I paint up an get my model ready and find I can right click and send a smart matrial
to the share but not to my drive so I can import it to Toolbag 2.  Toolbag will import a sbsar file but I can not export them from SB nor can I send them to Designer or B2M for export. this mean remaking and trying to get attributes correct in toolbag. this makes displays a real timely process

Hey Kiwi.hawk,

Substance Painter can only output bitmaps at the moment. A smart material is just a saved layer stack and not a real material with shader info itself. You can't export those but share it with other users, they are SUbstance Painter -only files.

Right-click in the 3D view and export the bitmaps, import them in toolbag again and set a few options described here:

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