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I would like to have the ability to assign a preset for core nodes. For example, put all the settings where I want them and click "Set As Preset", or something similar. It would be really great (in my humble opinion). There are actually only a few nodes that feel cumbersome to set up over and over (to me), but giving artists the ability to mark presets for their standard nodes would be cozy.
When I use a blend node, most of the time I want it to be set to Add, and when I use a transform 2D node I almost always want it to be set to have No Tiling.

And that little drag-&-drop shelf for core nodes is really great. Is there a chance users will be able to add their own shelf in the future? (Or can I do this already??)

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Nice idea.
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I like this idea.


You can easily create your custom nodes by simply creating a graph with an image input, your modified node (2D transfo without tiling for example), and an output.

In the "Instance parameters" of your node you can also "Load a preset file". It will set the node values based on this file (but this method requires more clicks, so the previous solution is probably better, depending on what you want to do).

You can add your nodes (or images, etc.) to Substance Designer Library (in "Tools => Preferences", "Projects" tab, you can add a Library path). Then, you just need to create a new Folder and Filter using this path as a filter. Your nodes will be displayed.

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I was thinking about this, but wouldn't it create a ton of dependencies? (not that that's so bad I guess...)

*load a preset file: I've never used this before, I'll check it out. Thanks a bunch ^ ^
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Indeed it will create dependencies with the custom nodes you use but it shouldn't necessary be a problem (depending on your workflow) if you use "Export with dependencies" when sharing your assets.

We will think about it to see if can imagine something interesting but if we want to be free of any dependency it means that this system will not be possible for all the nodes (bitmap or SVG for example). Thanks for the feedback.
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Vote up for node presets.

Create substance library is works, but not always usable.
Not sure if it works when I share material with many dependent substance files.

I've been thinking about how it could be used. For one part of a graph we could set the presets up a certain way, and change the presets as we work into other areas. It would be fast and helpful.
3D art is magic.