Author Topic: importing an sbsar file causes marmoset to crash  (Read 6271 times)

I'm not sure why it's doing this because the substance designer file is extremely simple with only three output channels (diffuse, normal, emissive). Am I doing something wrong here?

can you share the version of each software ?

Substance designer x64
editor version 5.3.1 build 16827 release (10/21/15)
cooker format version 3.0.0
engine version  (direct 3d 10) 2.0.1 build 16827 (10/21/15)

marmoset toolbag 2.06

Hey jatang808,

you need to update to at least version 2.07 to use Substance files in Toolbag from Substance Designer 5.
The Substance Engine was updated in version 5 of Substance Designer and so all plugins needed to receive an update, too. If not in version 2.07, it definitely works in 2.08 (latest), I just tested it.

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Hi guys,

I'm having the same problem.
I'm using the latest substance designer 5.5.1 and Marmoset 2.08.
The thing is, every time I load the sbsar file, 65mb, Marmoset uses my entire Ram until it crashes.
Anyone had the same problem?


Hey, before generating the sbsar, make sure to set the compression of each bitmap to jpeg (it will make you sbsar lighter)

Thanks for the reply.
Still crashes. Changed the bitmap to jpeg and the same problem. Maybe the files to heavy for marmoset. The maximum I can open is 50mb. Over 60mb always crashes.


Yes it may be this... that said your sbsar is indeed very heavy: what is the resolution of your maps ?

Everything is 2k.

Do you mind sharing it ?