Author Topic: Opacity map from Substance to Marmoset issue.  (Read 12883 times)

Hello everyone.

Since there are no forums for Marmoset I figured my best chance of help is here. I painted a model in Substance Painter that has an opacity layer. I thought dropping this in Marmoset would be just as easy as it is with Sketchfab. For whatever reason, it seems like Marmoset can't use opacity maps correctly.

I have attached a picture of my marmoset scene.(I can't embed the image for some reason...) As you can see, the entire wine bottle is transparent. I want the wax seal and the label to be fully opaque and have those textures solid white on the opacity map but marmoset just decides to make those transparent too... I have tried just about every single option  combo I cant think of.

Any idea as to what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks, Keegan

I don't know the answer to your question, but the Marmoset developpers offer some support on the Polycount forum. You may have more success asking there :

Thanks for the link! I actually did discovered that Marmoset toolbag just flat out does not have the correct blending mode available... Oh well, maybe it will in Toolbag 3.