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I 've made myself a large template file I use for most of my objects.  There's up to 16 "materials" in the color ID.  And often I use all 16.  It's a super time saver having this template file, but most of my time working on these is spent renaming the groups for the exposed nodes (for use in Unity) to the proper section of whatever model I'm working on.

In the image you can see -- the numbers mean it's not been changed yet, and the works (columns etc) have been.  It'd great if there was a way to either select all in a  group and change them all at once, or have a "preset file" of sorts that I could export, change in text editor, and re upload.

It's just so tedious changing the names for 120+ exposed parameters.

[Update: Just realized I could open the .sbs file in text editor and make adjustments there.  It seems to load fine in SD afterwards.  It's not the best solution, but it seems to work - -faster than doing it by hand!]
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