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I noticed that you can independently choose the resolution for the width and height of a substance however when baking maps there only seems to be a single constrained resolution selection.

While I can bake a square texture and squash it back down easily it would be nice to bake at the intended resolution.

So is it possible to bake non square textures, have I missed something?

You can't for now but it is in the works.


Bumping an old thread. I just noticed I can't bake non square textures which really is a pain  :(

Any news on when this feature will get implemented? Maybe with Substance Designer 5?


I was somewhat surprised to see that you cannot bake non-square maps since these are used in game development for ages.
We use them for many of our ship assets due to them being rather long. Getting them onto a square map would either waste tons of texture space or require us to break the hull into unintuitively scattered parts all over the map.

So will we see an upgrade to 4.6 that adds non-square texture baking support? Or will we have to buy version 5?

Not yet in 5.0 either. Sorry.

We have been working on that back then. Obviously, it was not completed and it has been put on hold in favor of other features since then.

*pokes the feature with a stick*
Is it dead?

Since I'm nowhere near to you to buy you a burger or a cup of coffee I just ordered the upgrade to 5.0. Maybe that helps to revive the feature? :)

At the very least it'll distract you with all the neat things they're adding with the new version.

In all seriousness though, the lack of non-square output seems like a huge oversight for such a long time.

I feel your pain, rascal. Non square POT textures are a must have in games.

Sorry if the briefness of my reply made it look like I was annoyed by the question. That was not intended. :(
There is not much more to say than what we already said about that. Yes we want it to happen but we unfortunately haven't found the time to finish it properly and consequentely haven't got an ETA for that particular feature.

I was just trying to figure out how to bake a non-square texture, then I found this thread! Would like to +1 the feature request. Thanks!

Rise from your grave! Any update on this?

I wonder what people expect from baking non-square.     Imo both Painter and Designer are pretty much useless or very impractical with non square textures  since  some key tools just can't be adjusted properly for non-square factor or requires to be re-done  from very scratch.     

I usually just do square then crop a part in Photoshop .  Am I missing something?     
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Where to begin here....

I think the key issue with this kind of response is that one should not be required to use another piece of software for what seems like a fundamental function of these kinds of programs to begin with. Sure i *could* spit off some textures with some bordering negative space on the sides to Photoshop (which I unfortunately have to do at the moment), but why is adding additional steps and potentially cost for those that don't have photoshop a good idea?

In addition, there are many valid reasons one would want to be working with non POT textures. Take the process of making or authoring cubemaps for games. The format most widely accepted by game engines these days does not conform to POT.