Author Topic: Can I write a function to select a graph?  (Read 1221 times)

Hello. :)
I have a question.
There are 4 Types of Pattern Graphs.
And I want to use these patterns in the tile generator node.
For example, I want to return the output of "pattern00" when the variable "Pattern_Type" of tile generator is 1,
and return the "pattern01" when the variable is 2... etc..
I wonder if this is possible.

You can have randomly selected input patterns with Tile Sampler, up to six patterns, but I don't see any way of indicating which pattern to use for that node.

You might have to build your own tiling function with an FXMap, in which case the input image for the Quadrant node within the FXMap's graph can be selected through a function like normal, using Integers.

As I understand you want to create node to switch your pattern right?

for this kinds of work allegorithmic all ready made a node Multi_Switch_Grayscale ,you can use this node to switch pattern.


To Techartist

Wow Jesus!
That's the answer I was looking for.
Thank you for your reply! :D
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To Cory McG

Thank you!
I need to study the quadrant node for the future.
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Oh, yes, I misunderstood the question. I thought you wanted each tile to be different. Techartist has the answer you actually want.