Author Topic: Texture Synthesis by Chunks possible ?  (Read 1080 times)

Hello, I've used a long time ago the little tool from Luxology Imagesynth & and 2, and now, as i'm going deeper on SD, i've tried to reproduce the Chunk system of ImageSynthesis, in order to use multiple area on few photos and mix them together to create Fully tileable texture.

some exemple about the concept:

But at first, i can't find a way to use the wall photo resolution, so i loss a lot of the details in it cause SD stratch them from 3008*2000 pix to 4096*2048.

On a second point the "make it tile patch" node couldn't handle multiple chunks at the same time.

ImageSynth was actually developed by Allegorithmic for Luxology a few years back.
There is no equivalent of this inside of substance for now. The closest you can get is indeed the "make it tile patch" node or you would need to create your own but it won't be as advanced as ImageSynth for sure.