Author Topic: [SOLVED] Point lights in 3D View have no effect in 5.3.0 & 5.3.1  (Read 4247 times)

I have Updated Substance Designer from 5.1.1 to 5.3.0 and later to 5.3.1. The Problem I notice is that the point lights in the 3D viewport have no effect on my own models. Only If I reset the scene (having the original cube in view) the point light have a lightning effect on the model. If I drag my own model into the view the lightning disappears. Shift->Left Mouse have also no effect.
Also choosing a new geometry from the drop down don't bring it back. I have to reset the scene.
Otherwise, if the scene is reseted I can choose one of the drop down geometries and it works.
It seems, that dragging my own geometry into the scene breaks something the viewport (maybe scaling).
This isn't the case with version 5.1.1
I tried many geometries that work with 5.1.1. Also scaling my geometry in 3ds max have no effect.
Is this a know problem, or do I have to do some extra setup in 5.3.x ?
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Concerning the lights, we have added a inverse square attenuation to match (approximately) the Iray render.
So it means you may have to increase the light intensity.

For the mesh display, we have identified problems with clip planes (mesh is sort of "invisible"). We are working on it.
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Increasing the light intensity has also no effect. I can set it to 10 and nothing happens.

But I can confirm, that the lights work in 5.2.5 too. So maybe it has really something to do with the adding of IRay.

When I mean, increase the value, I mean increase a lot :)
Depending on the object scale, you can multiply the value by something like 100000.
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Yes, thanks! This works. The problem was, that I just used the slider only and the max value for the slider is 10. Didn't noticed, that I can insert a value by hand.
10000 is a good value :)