Author Topic: Where are the sample packages?  (Read 3266 times)

While watching the beginners tutorial, the narrator refers to several sample items in his versions Explorer window. In my recently purchased and downloaded version none of these files exist and I cannot seem to find them. Can you help me find and install these, if they are a part of the new purchase?

The samples were removed with 3.2 during the new library update. We will put them back in the next update.

Ah, that explains it. Do you have any estimate as to when this might be? I am anxious to explore.

if we install 3.1 and copy samples to 3.2, will it work?
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I upgraded whole 3.2.x branch over previous 3.1.0 version and the samples were not touched. When I open them, designer asks me for specific subgraphs/generators from the library - all I have to do is just point it where each one of them is on the disk. So just the automatic library update doesn't work with them, everything else looks ok.