Author Topic: New 5.3.1 Crashes on Baking  (Read 3592 times)

Ok. I have installed 3.5.1 again. Nothing changed.

I,m sending you logs. Let me know why this is happend.

I've got the same problem since 5.3.1

I tried baking from a scene I had previously setup and succesfully baked from. Without changing anything, no difference in meshes or settings from the last time, it now crashes when I bake an AO from mesh or a Normal map from a high res.

I'd be delighted to be able to rollback to a previous version, but I can't access the download page as I've bought the suite from Steam.

I tried with FBXs from 3dsmax, and 2013fbx from modo, still crashes 100% of the time.

@laurierlajoie Could you send me the meshes? We have known crashes with .obj that have been fixed for 5.3.2, but a crash with fbx is not a known issue.
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I already submitted a bug for the same issue. Baking in 4.6 working fine, same meshes (hipoly and lowpoly) won't bake in SD 5.3.1

I had the 3d view open, obj without cage, baking normal map from mesh

unfortunately, I cannot send the files