Author Topic: [SOLVED] 3D View Not Updating Properly  (Read 1516 times)

Hi Guys,

I submitted a bug report but I haven't received a response, so perhaps someone here in the forum has the same issue:

Since the upgrade to 5.3, SD's 3D view has been updating a bit odd. Sometimes it doesn't update until I click the view. A good test case is simply using the blend node with two inputs as usual. Then, switch through the blend modes using the arrow keys. The 3d view doesn't update using the current blend mode. With other nodes, the view updates sometimes and not at all. 

Even with new substance, when I drag a node into a default output such as Base Color, the 3D View won't update with the change unless I hover my mouse over it.

Since I use an ATI card, I am using OpenGL for the renderer if that matters. I also have a dual monitor setup.

It super annoying and makes SD less usable.
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Agreed.  There is no consistency with it.  In most cases I ma having to manually tell the 3D Viewport to update.

nVidia GeForce GTX 780.

Fixed in SD 5.3.1, please update!
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