Author Topic: How to scale one SVG independently with only one slider? [SOLVED]  (Read 1906 times)

I have one SVG shape that will be used as a mask on two connected blend nodes. Each of them are different colors, one on top of another.

Attached to the top shape will be a Transform 2D node, ScaleMatrix function assigned, and a Float 2 Input Parameter to control the scaling from 0-100. 0=no size and 100=full size. I have that working no problem.

The trouble lies with the shape below. That shape has a blur applied which extends past the top shape, like a soft glow.  I want to use the top shapes Input Parameter to control the scaling of the bottom shape, BUT I want the scale to be relative at different percentages based on the scale size.

As an example; lets say the top shape is at 50% size. I want the bottom shape to be at 50% as well. That's no problem to set up. But if the top shape is at a 75% size, I want the bottom shape to be at 25%. If the top shape is at 25% size, I want the bottom to be at 75%. The basic idea is create a glow in which it increases size and strength the smaller the top shape gets, and decreases when the top shape gets really large. 

I have no idea how to set that up with one slider. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a solutions using Transform 2D nodes with little success. Maybe there's an easier way?

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These are old videos though i think this one might help.

Thanks for the link, but the video is a basic overview of the nodes and it lightly touches on the Transform 2D. What I'm looking to accomplish is a bit more complex.

Most of the nodes have the sliders available to be exposed.

Do you want to post your file and we can see better whats going on rather than you trying to explain?

Actually I made it easy for myself and just change the "glow" size and vibrancy with a level node. Im just going to expose that parameter and use PlayMaker to scale everything I need with one slider.