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I can't load textures into my shelf.

If i try and drag a stack of textures, or a collection of textures one by one onto the textures section of the shelf, they will not load.  No new thumbs appear and I can't get them into my project.  I've tried restarting, pc and program, creating new projects, nothing works.  I can't find a relevant setting that toggles this (if there is one).  I have the steam version of SP.


Alright, so ive tried some more things.  I cannot drag or drop items onto the shelf, at all.  File menu importing images has no effect.  The only way i can get textures into a project at all is by adding them to the shelf folder on disk in documents, and restarting the program.

I think this started since 1.7, but im not positive, as im back from break.

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Yesss I just found that finally, and came back here just in time to feel dumb.