Author Topic: Redshift texture export incorrect  (Read 2391 times)

I have not been using substance painter for a very long time, so it might be user error. What I have experienced though is that the texture export preset for Redshift seems to be incorrect for metallic materials.

When I have an object with completely metallic material in substance painter and export the textures for it using the Redshift export preset, the diffuse texture for that object will be (more or less completely) black. When I render that object in Redshift (XSI), the metallic part is completely black also. I need to unplug the diffuse texture in order to be able to render it in a metallic appearance, the diffuse texture must not be black.

This is a problem if the object has multiple sections with different materials on it (my object is a hammer - single object - which has a metallic part and a plastic part - the handle). I need to invert the part of the diffuse texture that will be displayed on the metallic part of the object in Photoshop manually.
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