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Is there any way to change the default channel contributions in the Grayscale Conversion node? It currently defaults to 0.33 per channel, while the more "accepted" numbers are more like:
R: 0.299
G: 0.587
B: 0.114

Currently I have my own subgraph in a common package which only has a grayscale conversion node with those values set, though it would be nice to be able to set these defaults for the "official" node.
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well, instead of hardcoding the values, maybe try the rgb-a split node.
then you have your channels, couldnt you throw in a levels node there and afterwards merge everything back together?
then plug a greyscale conversion behind that...

i'm not too sure though, i worked long yesterday :D
how do you convert with your set values, may i ask?

also, why is what you read more accepted? I never heard about that.

No need for the rgba split, that's complete overkill :p

Basically the Grayscale Conversion node does a naive RGB-to-Luminosity conversion by averaging the RGB channels ((R+G+B) / 3). However, the human eye has different sensitivities over the range of the spectrum, so the differing values simply refer to the weighting each channel receives.

So instead of
luminosity = ((R+G+B) / 3)
you have
luminosity = (R*0.299 + G*0.587 + B*0.114)

(there are a handful of alternate weightings and calculations, but the above seems to be the more commonly used).
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hey, thanks for the info.
didnt know about that until now... good to know, though!

We are thinking about a global preset system for node parameters but I can't give you any details on when this will actually be implemented.

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