Author Topic: Graph Stats would be cool!  (Read 634 times)

Something a bit like the scene statistics in 3Ds Max would be cool.

Just some small text in the corner that could be turned on an off if needed that would display some helpful info like:

Total Nodes in the Graph
Total Milliseconds to calculate the Graph
Number of Nodes Selected
Processing time of Selected Nodes in Milliseconds

Just a little text overlay to display helpful information that will help us to develop better substances.



Hi, thanks for the feedback.
Just a detail (in case it can be helpful) : the nodes computation time in SD is an approximation. To get something more accurate about the total computation time for a graph you can use Substance Player (set the engine you want to use : CPU or GPU using "F9" shortcut), the computation time (in ms) will be displayed at the bottom right.

You can click on "Randomize" several times to get an average computation time of your graph at a specific resolution or get the needed computation time for a parameter while modifying its value.

But some more statistics in SD could indeed be a good idea.

Lead technical artist