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Yes I am.
I have re-downloaded it a few times now.

Hey Goldfire47,

Did you install Maya 2017 in another location other than the C: drive? I just tested the plugin on Student Edition on my end, and everything works fine.

Hey Kenston,

Yes, it is definitely downloaded in the c: drive.

Sent you a pm.  :)

Hey goldfire47,

Thanks for sending me your plug-in. Initially when loading it up in my Maya 2017, it did not work. However, there is a weird known issue with the plug-in manager and our plug-in where the plug-in sometimes won't load correctly and will throw errors. Can you try opening the plug-in manager and toggling on/off the Loaded and Auto-Load for the substance plug-in then restart Maya? I also toggled on/off the rest of the plug-ins, just in case there was a conflict of some sort. After I did this, it started working on my end as intended.
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Hi Kenston,

I've followed your solution, but it still won't allow me to change the workflow to PBR. There is still no tab option for the workflow.


Hey goldfire47,

Hmm. Can you try going to the Maya plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2017\plug-ins) and delete the substance folder, then do a clean install using this plugin installer?

Also, are you using any other plugins?