Author Topic: Mesh Baking  (Read 3397 times)

When importing low poly mesh all looks good. :)
Soon as i import high poly all the uv`s look very strange. ???
Can i be enlightened what i`m doing wrong?
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What format did you use for the high poly car ? It looks like the artifacts we get when using FBX2014.

I think 12, anyhow i`m getting very tired, spent long hrs on the program and getting no where.
Don`t get me wrong, i love SD and the latest improvements, i only wish i knew what i was doing, because i do the same process and i get different results, lol

When i was using obj i was advised to use FBX?

Yes FBX should be the best way to go. Did you try baking from that high poly even though it shows wrong in the viewport?

Finally got the vertex mesh baking working, though can you suggest what is the best way to map the vertex colour for it to work well in SD.

Here is an example of a sphere though i cannot remember how i mapped the vertex colour, lol.

Also FBX 11 was used for great results

Persistence paid off. lol :)

I didn't know how to make the mesh correct and this was the key to get the maps working. ::)

Now i can start to learn how to use the maps to get the texturing happening.

Lot of work to do a vehicle.