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Can anyone direct me to info on synced normals with Substance and UDK? I've found info dealing with Unity. A developer I'm talking to has presented a concern if I want to use Substance in workflow because of issues getting Synced Normals and I honestly don't know what that entails with Substance. UDK looks like the engine we would work with. Thanks for any heads up or reference. Sorry to flood the forum with questions the past week.

Right now, the tangent frames used for baking normals are sync'ed with Unity when you choose to always recompute tangent frames instead of using the tangent frames exported in your mesh (the option is in Tools->Preferences...->Editors->View3D->Mesh).
If the option is off and you have exported tangent frames from your modeler, Designer will use the tangent frames in your file (note that .obj files cannot contain tangents).
I read there is also an option in Unreal for using tangents from FBX meshes, so if you are using UDK, that is probably what you should use. In the longer term, we will probably add options in Designer to compute tangents synced to other programs than Unity, but until then, exporting tangents with your mesh from your modeller and using them in Designer and Unreal is the way to go.
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Thanks, gives me some great stuff to search on. Not finding a lot about synced normals online. Its frustrating because my programmer and another artist are baulking at letting me use Substance , and I've fallen in love with the workflow, because they are convinced this will be an issue and want me to go a more traditional workflow route. I don't think any of us are as informed as we need to be. I want to try new things. Thanks a lot for the jump start.