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Hello everyone! I bought SD on steam sales and I am really enjoying using it! It is really intuitive and seems pretty powerful!

As a 3d package I use Maya and blender. Now, while Maya has native support, blender doesn't (and I really hope to see a support for this program in the future, I love it!) so I have to export the maps I guess.

So, sorry for the noob question, but how can I export the various outputs in bitmaps images and not substances?

Thanks a lot for any help! :)


You have 2 ways to export bitmaps:
- In the package explorer, click on the graph and chose "Export outputs as bitmaps"
- In the 2D View, click on the output icon and chose Export output

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hi, thank you very much for your help! I guess yesterday I was a bit tired, because it was quite easy to see...  :-\ Thanks again for your help! :)