Author Topic: [SOLVED] Glitch when baking normal maps from mesh  (Read 1866 times)


I saw duke cg's post: and noticed his normal maps looked similar to mine and saw he solved it by switching his FBX import settings from centimeters to meters. I tried this on mine and got a much cleaner result.
I'm trying to bake a normal map in Substance designer 5.3 on a Macbook Pro, but have run into a strange glitch that leaves large artifacts on the normal map.

The glitch in question:

The model with the broken normal:

Here's an album of my settings and mesh's I imported each as an FBX

I understand that there have been some normal map baking problems on macs before, but I was able to successfully bake a normal map on a low poly mesh before using tutorial files, so I don't think thats the problem. All is help greatly appreciated!
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