Author Topic: Tutorial request for Substance 4  (Read 1058 times)

Hey guys, I'd love to see a full model/scene from ground up tutorial for Substance 4, similar to the couple you have for 3. Like a blank model from zero to 60. Any chance thats in the works. Or any chance you're redoing a previous one for 4? I'm sure the ones for 3 are great, but with the layering workflow, I'd like to see it redone. Any comments or suggestions would be awesome, its hard to find tutorials and workflow stuff online for Substance that are decent. The two videos for 4 that you've already produced have helped get me started. Seems this product is getting a lot of buzz with this release.

On a side note, just discovered you have more/different Substance 4 tutorials  on your youtube channel. So heads up to others out there!