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for me (I am on a GTX770), if I disable CPU in prefs, nothing will render! (just black viewport)
- the gfx card is recognized, btw.
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de-installing / re-installing fixed the problem for me!

For the Pink/Magenta issue, doing the following step should solve the problem:
- go to the Preferences / Project
- click on the User project
- scroll down to the 3D View group / Default Shader
- Click on the "arrow" button to reset it to default
- Click OK
- restart SD
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Ok I also have some rendering problems. Iray has problems with reflections from enviroments? This is correct, or it is a bug?   Maybe I should change enviroment settings? Or maybe something else?

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It's because the normal map output is empty (and returns black).
The OpenGl shader has a hack to avoid that, but Iray can't have a similar hack. So just create a normal filter (no need to put an height input) and plug it to the normal output.
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Thanks Nicolas.

First of all, I have GeForce GT 630.

I tried IRay as well and encountered the grain issue. I wanted to see if my textures or materials are problematic and I followed the IRay tutorial on allegorithmic's youtube channel with a simple rounded cube with base color, normal, metallic and roughness setup. With 250 min samples I get the same heavily grained render image like in my previous renders with textures etc. Then I cranked up the min samples to 8000 and max samples to 9000 see if it makes a difference and after 3-4 mins most of the grain was gone. But I don't get the same clear render like in the tutorial. Maybe my gfx card is not good enough or maybe I have to wait more.

Also I noticed I get %100 cpu when I render with IRray, even when I tick my gfx card and untick cpu in the settings as instructed in the tutorial.