Author Topic: How do I get other maps (Displacement, height, etc) to show up in iClone?  (Read 9553 times)

Newbee here still trying to decide on whether to buy this for use in iClone.  In iClone there are supplied Substances that have maps other than Diffuse, Bump and Specular, like Height and Displacement.  I create a Substance that has those outputs, and to me it looks *exactly* like a Substance with those outputs that I load into iClone, but when I try and load that created Substance the only maps it has are Diffuse, Bump and Specular.

Is there some trick I'm missing here?  I see no differences between the two (the loaded one that comes with iClone and the one I create) but there pretty obviously is something VERY different.

And just to clarify -- I have the output's usage and type set the same as well as the names.  There really isn't ANY possible difference I can see in a loaded substance versus the one I save, and yet one works and the other doesn't.

However, I do note I don't seem to be able to EDIT the supplied Substance.  I don't know if the file itself is different in some manner or if it's just Read-Only, but while I can see the various outputs and basic information, none of it will load into the window where you could edit it (because, if so, I'd just use it as a basis for a new material and see if THAT would work).

Attaching an example .sbs file that works and one that does not might help us help you.

I can't give you an SBS file that works because the only ones I have that work are SBSAR (and after doing some research I see that's the reason I can't edit those -- they are supplied with iClone and while I can SEE them in Designer I can't modify them in any way).  I can certainly attach my own SBS file that *doesn't* work, though (it will look awful but I'm just trying to get these outputs to work).

The ones that work are any standard SBS file made by Allegorithmic, so I doubt you'd have to look far to find one (again, all I'm trying to do here is to have maps other than Diffuse, Bump and Specular show up in iClone like they do with all these other supplied materials).

I don't have iClone to check, but I suspect this is because iClone expects the height or displacement outputs to produce greyscale and not color textures as your graph does.
Try connecting the output of the "greyscale conversion" node which is before the "normal" node to the height and displacement outputs rather than the output of the "normal" node.

I appreciate the help but I don't think that's the issue, as both the supplied Substance materials that work contain RGB ouputs as well as iClone allowing normal maps to be used there.  Actually, iClone isn't very particularly about *what* kind of map you supply (it may not work, but it will use just about anything).

It's more a question of those maps just aren't showing up at all.  I suspect if I had the SBS of any of the supplied Substances I could figure this out but I don't know how to get any of those.  I'll see if anyone over on the iClone forum has any ideas (but they don't know much, if anything, about SD).