Author Topic: Odd normal map bake result  (Read 1529 times)

It wasn't at all what I was expecting, and i'm getting really harsh shading where I shouldn't. I used the export settings (from 3dsmax) as described in this video:

I've attached an image that shows some unwanted gridlines on the corner and a line further along on the left, and the normal map is inset. The pattern itself has aliasing but I'm not worried about that. Is there someone at Allegorithmic I can send the files to so they can take a look?

I found what it was. I had my export units set to centimeters in the FBX export dialog (I work in meters) because UE4 uses it, and I figured because the "relative to bbox" option exists in SD5, the units didn't really matter - but they do! I re-exported using meters and it looked right, and then again as centimeters (to make sure) and it looked weird again.
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