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I'm new to this so have a few questions. Q1 Are there any templates or examples that come with this. In a lot of the tutorials there is a templates folder. I don't seem to have one. Q2 Also with the noise is it 2D or 3D so if it's 3D then I shouldn't have to worry about seam not match up on the UVs. Q3 Which brings me to my third question how do the textures apply in 3D space or don't they I just need to know what I have to do first before I start using Substance. Say I have a Sci-Fi suit where the seams for the UVs run down the back. Will SD match up those seams or do I have to redo the seams manually in another package like 3Dcoat.

You can install samples and example substances through the Help>Samples menu.
As for the noises and everything else done in SD, those are 2d noises and operations, so you still need UVs and it won't automatically match on the seams of your UV unfortunately.

Yes found samples !, better to know about the UVs straight up then later on so I can alter my work flow to adjust. SD is a lot easier to use than what I thought, the presets for weathered edges is just what I needed.
Thanks for the help !!!