Author Topic: Is the only way to get a sbsar file to make it public on this site?  (Read 1583 times)

Total newbee here trying to decide if I want to buy SD.  It appears to me that in order to "publish" a file (to get an sbsar file I can then open up in my application) I need to save it to the allegorithmic site?  So that, for example, if my internet is down (happens all the time here) or (heaven's forbid) Allegorithmic goes out of business or just decides to now start charging me to do so, there is no way I can save these files locally to my own computer?

If so, can I say that's the biggest PITA since Adobe went subscription model on all their apps?  I can't believe that's the workflow everyone accepts -- surely there has to be some other way to create an sbsar file once you buy this program?  (If not, then I'm obviously NOT a customer).

But on this subject...

Where the heck ARE the sbsar files?  Are they stored somewhere on this site? (I have to say these are VERY bizarre programs written by Allegorithmic -- the only thing more confusing are the help files).

Oh, and if someone says "Well, you login to your account and it's there in your uploads..." WRONG.  Nothing's showing up there (which is kind of my whole point about this internet thing being a @#$@% -- what even happens when the site is down -- that means you can no longer create anything anymore?).

I *must* be missing something -- no one would program something like this.  Please tell me those files are just local to my computer somewhere and I'm being an idiot (I'd rather it be me than the Allegorithmic programmers).

Okay, it *finally* uploaded and was available -- so at least my worst fears were confirmed.

And this was just a test file but are designers really sharing their trademark assets in this manner?  The whole idea just seems really, really bad (OTOH, I can see how Allegorithmic can definitely keep control and change the rules at any time they want -- it's win/win for them).

Mike, I think you may be mistaken somewhere, the latest Designer update added the ability to upload sbsar's or sbs's to Substance Share, but right clicking a substance package and clicking publish just pops up with a save dialog and I can save my sbsar anywhere on my PC.