Author Topic: Mesh Setup for Baking in SP  (Read 2060 times)


UPDATE: Okay, I'm retarded. Forgot to check the match by name in SP. :-X

I've been watching the "Substance Painter Tutorial – Model Preparation 04: Mesh setup for baking". I tried following the workflow where you separate the mesh into different parts to avoid baking issues in cluttered sections. So that when you import the low- and high-poly mesh into SP it will bake each of the mesh-parts separately (see picture for better understanding).

I didn't get it to work. I tried to separate the mesh into individual mesh-parts in 3ds Max with the same kind of naming as used in the video, but every time I exported the mesh into SP and tried baking it still didn't "separate" the process.

Probably a stupid mistake on my part, but tried for a few hours and now I have given up.

Any thoughts on the issue is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)
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