Author Topic: Resolution size in instances of materials  (Read 1357 times)

Question for all you pros out there. Im pretty new to SD and Ive spent the day building myself a little library of materials to use for texturing game assets (rust, steel, galvanized steel, paint, rusty paint, bronze, gold, ect.) Now when I bring an instance of these pre-made materials into a more complex substance, should I bring them in at the 256 x 256 I left them at? Or in their graph should I leave them at 2k x 2k, bring them in at that size, then downrez them as needed.

I thought when I made them if I just left them at the standard 256 x 256 I could change the size in the instance of them because their all procedural. But when I tried that they just stayed at that size no matter what settings I changed. If theres a better way than bringing them in at full size Id love that, it seems like a waste of space to bring them in at 2k if I dont need a resolution that high.

If your material are fully procedural, the best way of doing things is to set the resolution of those materials to Relative to Parent and Parent x1.
That way the materials will automatically be generated at the resolution of the graph you import them into.

Ah okay, I just went through and checked and half my materials were set to absolute. Changed the settings and tried them in a different graph and worked like a charm. Thanks!